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 parthib shirshendu mukhopadhyay pdf download – পার্থিব শীর্ষেন্দু মুখোপাধ্যায় Pdf Download

৭১৪ পৃষ্ঠার বিশাল পরিসরের বই ‘পার্থিব’।

পার্থিব উপন্যাসটার সাথে শীর্ষেন্দুর আর দশটা উপন্যাসের মৌলিক পার্থক্য খুঁজে না পেলেও উপন্যাস হিসেবে এটি অত্যন্ত সুখপাঠ্য।

এত চমৎকার একটা বই, এতগুলো চরিত্র। যখনই বিষ্ণুপদ, নয়নতারা, রামজীবন, পটলের কথা পড়ি মনে হয় পড়তেই থাকি। আবার যখন পৃথিবীপ্রেমী কৃষ্ণজীবনের কথা আসে তখন মন্ত্রমুগ্ধের মতো পড়েছি। সত্যি কথা পার্থিবের কোনো চরিত্রই খারাপ লাগেনি, বাহুল্য মনে হয়নি, কিন্তু সবচেয়ে অসাধারণ চরিত্র কৃষ্ণজীবন। এরপর যখন হেমাঙ্গ, চারুশীলা, রশ্মি, রিয়া রায়, ঝুমকি, চয়নের কথা আসে তখনো বিভোর হয়ে পড়েছি। কখনো কখনো মনীশ অপর্ণার সংসারের , তাদের ছেলেমেয়েদের হাসি আনন্দ, মিষ্টি সম্পর্ক, বুবকার বাবা মণীশের প্রতি ভালোবাসার কথা পড়ে মুগ্ধ হয়েছি। আরো মুগ্ধ হয়েছি আঠারো বছর বয়সী আপার সাহসিকতা দেখে। হেমাঙ্গ যে নদীর ধারে বাড়ি করে একা থাকে মাঝেমাঝে , ব্যাপারটাকে খুব রোমাঞ্চকর মনে হয়েছে। শীর্ষেন্দুর লেখা আমাকে বরাবরই টানে। আমি মনে করি ‘পার্থিব’ শীর্ষেন্দুর সেরা কাজগুলোর একটি। এই বই শেষ হলে মনে হয়, যদি শেষ না হতো, যদি এভাবেই চলতে থাকতো!
এটুকুই বলবো- পড়ে নিখাঁদ আনন্দ পাওয়ার মতো একটা বই ‘পার্থিব’।
পার্থিব শীর্ষেন্দু মুখোপাধ্যায় pdf download

As always, I am a fan of Shirshendu’s storytelling style. You can say very deep things very easily. Although the language of the world did not seem very artistic to me, it was as artistic as the language of the “cycle”. In order to make it easy for all classes of readers, the author has probably used a little exaggerated loose language. It is of course said from my personal feelings.
Now let’s build character. The author was in no hurry to build a character here as a long novel. He has created the main characters with great care, as if an artist is making one idol after another with a single layer of clay. As if the artist is in no hurry Whatever you say, the characters on earth are heartbreaking Usually the modern novels of Upper Bengal are made with only one central character. The reader learns to feel the ups and downs of the feelings of only that character as he reads.
But earthly is unique from that place.

The plot of the story did not look very ahamari. I don’t know whether to follow Saratbabu or not, the writers of Upper Bengal usually give much priority to the plot of the story in the case of novels. Samresh Majumder 7 is the perfect hand in this line Once read, there is no way out. The biggest proof of this is in reading Satkahan or Kalbela.

In my opinion, however, the plot of the story does not matter much when a novel is written not for the purpose of captivating the reader through the charm of the story but for the purpose of awakening a deep life-philosophy in the reader, evoking psychology or drawing on sensitivity. For example, I remember “sand of the eyes” or “poetry of the day and night” at the moment.
What a mixed feeling the world has made for me in this respect. Reading it, it seemed that a Jumpesh TV serial could be made with this novel. The story line seemed to go hand in hand with the life story of the characters. In the middle of the novel, one can guess where the event is going. Even at the end, it seemed like everything went together like four fairs. Just like in the stories of oriental oriented movie-serials.

Is that always the case in real life? Does everything match like four fairs in two? Probably not.
Let me tell you about the most controversial subject.
The position of women in the eyes of Shirshendu.

As can be seen, Shirshendu very cleverly tried to explain the role of women in social life with the Victorian mentality.
“Women are not an independent entity, it is a matter of pride and achievement for them to be housewives as they are dependent on men.” This is evident in the middle or at the end of the novel. The matter will not escape the eyes of the conscious reader. The novel subtly highlights the author’s love for a conservative woman called “Nayantara” and for instilling a sense of fulfillment in the minds of those female characters by making them dependent on men in order to liberate other female characters.

I think Shirshendu’s personal spiritual beliefs have greatly influenced her support for this position.
Many, of course, would like to cite the example of a strong-willed female character named “Apa” who is not the case. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. But at the same time, it seems that the author very cleverly did not throw the character of Apa into the misery of the most popular conflict of the time, the “social position of women and men.” At the same time, her writing did not show as much love for this conscientious woman as it did for other male-dominated women.

Anyway, all in all, the novel is not bad. Maybe if I had read it five years ago, I would have joined hands with other readers and become full of praise. But now I could not do that. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

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