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Mandrake Comics is a comic book company that celebrates the history of comics, delivers exciting new heroes, and encourages readers to laugh out loud. Mandrake was founded in 2017 by Alex “A-list” Spiro, who started drawing comics as a child and has always wanted to publish his work for other people to enjoy. Inspired by classics like Archie, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics, Mandrake combines old school values with modern sensibilities.
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In a time when superheroes have been made modern day, Mandrake Comics is one of the few publishers that still edifies the original notion of a comic book. Founded in 2014 by Sanjeeb Sarkar, Mandrake Comic is an independent publisher that has been on the forefront of promoting “graphic novels” in Bangladesh. As a result, they have been creating new and innovative stories with a captivating style and flair.


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