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Book – Me Before You

 Author – Jojo Moyes

 Genre – Romance / Contemporary

 Personal rating – 4.5 / 5

Me Before You Book Review:

 Louisa or Lou Clark is 26 years old.  He grew up in a small town a short distance from London.  She has been working in the same cafe for the last six years and her boyfriend Patrick for six years.

 Lou begins and ends every day in almost the same way.  That’s why he knows how many times he has to walk from home to the bus stop or from the bus stop to his workplace.  And Leo after dressing in a combination of different colors, which may seem strange to many.

 Lou suddenly lost his job at the cafe.  Coincidentally, he was assigned to care for the son of a wealthy family.

 Will Traynor is 35 years old.  Louiser’s life was as colorful as Will’s life.  Along with business success, he had many adventures in his life.  But it all ended in an accident.

 For the past two years, the life clock of adventure lover Will has been stuck in a wheelchair.  The rest of the body is paralyzed from the bottom of the chest.  He moves his wheelchair with the slightest movement of his fingers.

 Lou, who was always talking, seemed to bring a lot of annoyance into Will’s life.  Will expressed his frustration from day one.  But the stubborn Leo continues on his own.  Will goes to serve.

 The story then progresses to a different story and outcome.


 I read this book for the first time in the beginning of 2017.  I couldn’t forget the story because I liked the book very much and watched the movie later.  So in the last few years the book has not been in hand.  But for the last few months I have been wanting to read it again.  So I finished reading again.

 The Lou character in the story was excellent.  As well as being humorous, the reason behind her weird dress is horrible.  It’s nice to see this character grow up in the whole story.

 Will’s character is macho and realistic from the beginning.  He knows what he is doing or why he is doing it.  This character is not like Bhola either.

 The author has written excellent.  Reading the descriptions is like watching in front of the eyes.  At one point in the story, Will’s description of sitting in a cafe in a city in Paris is like watching coffee.

 All in all a good looking book.  If someone doesn’t like romantic people, they like it too.  Because throughout the book, romance is as much about love as it is about love.

 Happy reading!

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