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What is Data Recovery Service and How does it works?

Nowadays, everything depends on advanced technologies and computers. As a result, the usage of data storage devices has multiplied rapidly. Thus, data loss has also become a significant concern for everyone.

However, every tech user faces the loss of data accidentally at least once in their lifetime. So, how do overcome such accidents if it ever occurs?


Well, just sit at ease because there’s always a solution to this problem. And in this content, we’ll explain all about what is data recovery service, how does data recovery works.


What is Data Recovery Service?

Data recovery is retrieving data from a deleted or damaged hard drive, memory or any other storage. In other words, data recovery is the process of recovering the data or information you have lost for any reason through monitoring by any tools, software, or hardware.

Generally, Data means information, Photos, Text, Audio, Video, Documents, etc., which can be in any format. We store our data in these formats in various storage devices such as HDD, SSD, and Server. Pen Drives, SD cards, CDs, DVDs, etc. And many times, these valuable data are unintentionally lost, then need to data recovery service.



How Data Recovery Software Works

At this stage, you might ask what is data recovery and how does it work exactly? Well, in terms of data recovery software, it applies the algorithms of metadata analysis.

Metadata is information about a file system’s hidden services. Its analysis enables the software to find the main storage structures. Furthermore, it maintains the track of the location of files, directory hierarchy, contents, and properties.


When metadata analysis fails to produce the desired result, the search for files based on their available content is usually used. Data recovery software can employ all of the strategies outlined above at the same time during a single scan on storage to obtain the lost files back quickly.


Why Choose Data Recovery Station

Data Recovery Station is world-class Data Recovery Company in Dhaka Bangladesh, that offers a fast, secure, and professional data recovery service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have the ability to salvage your data from all kinds of digital storage devices, with any interface from any type of data loss situation.


It’s the First & Only in house hardware-based lab data Recovery Company in Bangladesh since 2006. In Bangladesh, there are no high-quality and experienced data recovery service providers without Data Recovery Station. The Data Recovery station is the best option for recovering data smothly. We have 8,000+ successful data recovery cases, and 15 years of experience in data recovery.


As well, we have –

  • The special data recovery team

  • Dedicated technology lab

  • Sophisticated technology equipment,

  • Class 100 Clean Lab Facility,

  • The highest success rate in Bangladesh

  • And the only ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Data Recovery in Bangladesh


Our Data Recovery Services:


Our data recovery services come with 100% money back policy.

  • Hard Disk Data Recovery Service

  • Mac Data Recovery Service

  • SSD Data Recovery Service

  • Windows Data Recovery Service

  • Laptop Data Recovery Service

  • Raid Data Recovery Service

  • SD/CF Card Recovery Service

  • CCTV Data Recovery Service

  • LINUX Recovery Service

  • Pen Drive Data Recovery Service


“We recover any type of data from any digital storage. If you need to recover your data, we are ready to help.”


For any data loss issue, contact us. You will enjoy world-class facility equipped with state-of-the-art technologies from all over the world that ensures the highest success rate in Bangladesh.

Important things, your Data is not only data. It could be essential, something personal of official data. So in order to take data recovery service, you have to think first, are you giving it in a safe hand? Do they have any dedicated Labs? How experienced person they are? And do they have the necessary technology? Or just a signboard?

If your Data is given to anyone who has no enough knowledge about data recovery, it can be harmful to you. So if you are facing this type of problem, you should contact a trusted and expert organization without discussing it with anybody. Cost can be high or low but make sure your data is secured. For this, data recovery station can be your trusted one. Stay with the Data Recovery Station and keep your data safe.


For any data loss issues, contact us. You will enjoy world-class facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technologies from all over the world ensures the highest success rate in Bangladesh.


📞 Phone:




You can send your digital storage device to our office through courier service.


Data Recovery Station

Address: House 9, Road 9, Rupnagar R/A (Shiyal Bari), Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh


  • You can send it to “SA Paribahan” or “Sundarbans Courier”.

  • Must confirm home delivery condition.

  • Pack very well with an adequate amount of foam/cotton.


Before sending, call us – 01758-377110


“Don’t Share Your Important Data,

Keep Your Data Safe & Be Happy.”


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